My daughter was so shy and had a hard time around new people or large groups. The Instructors were so patient and worked with her to build confidence. I believe the confidence, respect and belief she has for herself will take her far in life. These are just some of what my daughter has learned in this program.

I was able to take a self defense class taught by the Armstrong's. We worked on many different scenarios of how an attack might happen and how to get through each situation to make a getaway. I was left feeling confident and that I could protect myself against an attack if needed. I have taken self defense before but the Armstrong's self defense class provided real skills that would be valuable in real life situations.

-Kristi Bulle



My boy has always had difficulty focusing for longer than a few minutes, but Armstrong's ATA has taught him how to control that focus much more! Every week I see improvements in him! They teach so much more than just a sport! I highly recommend this program to all!!

-Kristi Davis